Annealing Furnace for Gas Cylinder

Cylinder annealing furnace is the use of high temperature flame combustion workpiece, heat treatment of the cylinder. It consists of a combustion engine, a combustion chamber, a smoke hood, a rail, a chain conveyor, and a smoke exhaust system. The equipment has the characteristics of bottle feeding time setting, automatic operation, automatic temperature control in furnace, convenient operation, good annealing effect and no pollution.

Annealing Furnace for Gas Cylinder

Technology parameters:
Furnace parameters:
1.Speed of revolution electromagnetic speed reducer:0.336~1.68r/min
2.Heating modes:LPG,coal gas,natural gas,fuel
3.Total thermal power:108~240 KW
4.Burners addopted:2 sets of(RIELLO)40 G10 
5.Furnace chamber temperture:≥600oC
6.Oxygenation draught fan power(2 sets):0.75KW
7.Single section furnace length:2500mm

Main parameters of dust removal device of tail gas treatment system:
2.Total filtration area:≥57m2
3.Dust concentration of entrance:≤1200mg/Nm3
4.Dust concentration of exit:≤50mg/Nm3

Main parameters of wet desulfurizer of tail gas treatment system:
3.Stoichiometric ratio NaOH/SO2≤2.1:1
4.SO2 Absorption efficiency:≥96%
5.Air inlet sectional area:0.18m2
6.Air outlet sectional area:0.2m2
7.Inlet wind speed:4.63m/s
8.Outlet wind speed:4m/s
9.Centralized spray tower spray for first stage desulfurization tower:2 plies
10.Centralized spray tower spray for second stage desulfurization tower:3 plies
11.Spray nozzle mode:Spiral solid spray
12.liquid-to-gas ratio:0.4~0.5L/1Nm3

Equipment configuration:
1.Furnace chamber:made of refractory material,and quartz and sand are filled between the furnace and the shell
2.Six chambers,2.50 meters/unit
3.Exhaust pipe
5.Control box,conveying system,electrical control system
6.Exhaust gas treatment system

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