Composite LPG cylinder Kautex Global Strategy Board

Composite LPG cylinder Kautex Global Strategy Board
In order to promote the sustainable growth of the enterprise in accordance with our vision, philosophy and mission effectively, we have accelerated the pace of organizational change - established a new Kautex global strategy board. All members of the board of directors bring valuable knowledge and experience to their work responsibilities to make significant and positive contributions to the future development of Kautex. Their tenacity, focus and enthusiasm, consistent with our corporate genes, will make us a globalized and diversified Kautex and create more benefits for you, our valued customers and partners.

Kautex maschinenbau GmbH, headquartered in Bonn, Germany, develops intelligent production solutions for plastic hollow containers. For more than 80 years, Cortez has been deeply influencing the plastic industry with advanced extrusion and blow molding equipment, and working with customers and partners to create value-added for the sustainable and economic production of high-quality extrusion and blow molding products. Customers from all walks of life all over the world trust the Cortes brand forged with professional knowledge and rich experience. Cortes has become a synonym for high economic efficiency, reliability and durability for decades. As a global market leader, Cortez has more than 500 employees and its main production bases are located in Germany and China. Thanks to more than 150 sales and service personnel all over the world, Cortez has close contact with global customers with its unique service.

Left to right:
Robert Kubotsch – Chief Information Officer,
Chen Jun Tian – Asia Chief Executive Officer,
Julia Keller – Chief Financial Officer & Chief Human Resources Officer,
Thomas Hartk?mper – CEO & Chief Sales Officer,
Paulo Gomes – Chief Technology Officer,
Admir Dobraca – America Chief Executive Officer,
Dhanny Mulyanto –  Chief Operating Officer

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