Blanking Production Line

The equipment adopts the computer optimization design, the mechanical part of high strength, stable operation. The control part adopts digital circuit, premium programmable logic controller,inverter,touch screen. The feeding length is controlled by sensors,which is accurate and reliable. The whole line has a high degree of automation,stable operation,low failure rate,convenient maintenance.
Blanking Production Line
Blanking period:1 times/10s
Nominal blanking force:3150 KNx2
Punching specification: φ370~φ630mm

Steel plate parameters required:
1.Raw material steel plate thickness:2-3mm
2.Width of steel plate:≤1250mm
3.Inner diameter of Steel coil:450-800mm
4.Outer diameter of Steel coil: ≤1250mm
5.Weight of Steel coil: ≤15Ton

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