5 KG Gas Cylinder Fitted Compact Valve

This is the size used for camping and house cooking range,two types one with collar the other one without collar.
They are also used with our LCL less than container loading delivery service.
5kg lpg gas cylinder sizes shown are approximate,actual dimensions may vary.

5 KG Gas Cylinder Fitted Compact Valve

Product details:

The 5kg camping gas cylinder for storage & transportation of propane,butane or their mixtures having dimensions as the following:
1.The cylinders are constructed & tested according to ISO4706 and EN1442 standard for steel cylinders.
2.Water capacity 11 liters min.
3.Outer diameter 230mm
4.Working temperature -40/+60 C
5.Hydrostatic test pressure 3.2MPa
6.Hydraulic test presure 2.1MPa
7.Material HP295
8.Thickness 2.0mm Min
9.Nominal thickness body 2.3mm

Safety features:
ISO 4706 approval for gas cylinder
Approved by Government of China's Explosives department
Periodic testing of cylinders
Mention of tare weight on cylinder
Mention of batch and serial number


Gas Type:LPG
Capacity:5 Kg
Water capacity:≥11 L
Total height:348 mm
Inside diameter of cylinder:230 mm
Cylinder height:335 mm
Outside diameter of footring:190 mm
Outside diameter of collar:N/A
Collar height:N/A
Foot ring height:28 mm
Min. wall thickness:2.0 mm
Nominal wall thickness:2.3 mm
Steel material:HP295
Test pressure:3.2 MPa
Work pressure:2.1 MPa
Design Specification:EN 1442,ISO4706

Constructed & tested according to ISO 4706 EN1442 standard
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