Policy points on how to export liquefied petroleum gas cylinder (LPG Cylinder)to Bangladesh

At the beginning of each year, Bangladeshi importers plan to import liquefied gas cylinders from China. 
However, due to different views on quality standards, trade methods and payment methods between importers and exporters, the number of cylinders exported from China to Bangladesh falls far short of the demand.

Here are some business policy points on how to export liquefied petroleum gas cylinder products to Bangladesh:

Bangladesh Customs is subordinate to the State Revenue Service,The main legal system of customs administration is Customs Law 1969. 
Bangladesh's import tariff rate is basically in the range of 0-25%. Tariffs on most imported goods are 3%, 5%, 12% or 25%.

Bangladesh has implemented the Pre-shipment Inspection System (PSI) for imported goods since February 15, 2000. 
Value assessment and bulk inspection (CKD or SKD) are carried out for goods transported to Bangladesh before shipment. 
PSI is a mandatory import control standard. Unless otherwise specified, the system is applicable to all goods imported to Bangladesh from all countries and regions in the world. 
The PSI system is designed to prevent importers from underreporting invoices or misreporting H.S. codes, but it causes many problems in Bangladesh's import trade, such as the delay in issuing clean reports by PSI, the delay in customs declaration by importers, the overvaluation of goods by PSI, and the overpayment of duties by importers.

Bangladesh's import business must be paid by irrevocable letter of credit. 
Import trade shall not be carried out by CIF unless authorized by the Ministry of Commerce of Bangladesh in order to protect the insurance and transport industries of Bangladesh. Unless otherwise specified, imports must be inspected before shipment by an international commodity inspection agency contracted by the Bangladesh Government.